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Remembering Wayne Smyth, 1942 - 2012

Wayne & Darwin

The bird world and the rest of the world will miss my friend and yours, Wayne Smyth. This kind and gentle soul, talented beyond anything I ever knew, fought a tough battle and eventually lost. In doing so we all suffer a great loss, and personally he took a part of my heart with him. The fact is that he is back with his Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoo and with his good buddy Caesar, both of whom gave him a rough time and an abundance of laughs.

Wayne was capable of taking hold of your hand and stealing your heart. His paintings, drawings, and sketches spoke volumes of beauty, love, inspiration, tenderness and above all understanding of the beautiful creatures he captured on canvas. Heaven surely is the place for this wonderful man as he will redecorate and adorn it with his talent so it will be a better place for us to see when the time comes. And he will be thrilled to have added his tender touches.

He will always be appreciated and sorely missed. We are looking forward to seeing you again one day, my friend, and until then all your art work will keep you alive in our hearts.





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