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Karen with her Hyacinth, "Sasha"Karen with "Sasha"

Karen Lee Allen, "The Parrot Lady" ™, has been involved with birds for nearly 45 years. She has written chapters on hand raising baby birds and grooming for the book entitled "Diseases of Cage & Aviary Birds" co-authored by Dr. Walter J. Rosskopf and Dr. Richard Woerpel. Karen has also had numerous articles published in magazines, as well as veterinarian manuals and she is a Certified Avian Specialist (CAS) of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council.  She has had over a 25 year relationship working very closely with doctors Rosskopf and Woerpel at their "Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital" in Hawthorne, California. Dr. Rosskopf is one of the few certified avian veterinarians in the United States.

Karen also appears with Drs. Rosskopf & Woerpel on a very informative video called "The Parrot Video". Karen owns her own bird store in Lawndale, California and has raised almost all of her 100 birds, which were born, from her own breeding pairs or from selected breeders. She is extremely well known for her skills as a bird groomer and has flown around the country to do special bird grooming for private individuals and organizations like the Hyatt Regency in Hawaii. Some of Karen's more famous clientele include: David Hasselhoff of the television shows "Bay Watch" and "Knight Rider", the famous chef, Wolfgang Puck, Barbara Lazaroff - interior decorator and designer, Richard Thomas of "The Walton's" fame, Michael Tobias, writer/producer, Jeff Maxwell chef on the TV series "MASH", Bob Bartley and his performing macaws "Gypsy" and "Scooter" and the "Wizard and Oz" of Hollywood's Magic Castle fame.

Karen is also a consultant to people around the world on the proper care of birds and is a frequent contributor to the bird help line at She answers all of those puzzling questions for new owners and old pros alike on and hand raising, behavior problems, cage and toy selection, and much more.





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