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South Bay Bird SocietyThe purpose of the South Bay Bird Club and Society is to study all avian species (native and foreign) and their habitats; to disseminate among the general public and supporting members, information on all aspects of avian care and breeding and the preservation of endangered species and their habitats through written publications, educational lectures, seminars and activities; and to support and promote the propagation and preservation of species that are threatened with extinction.

We meet the second Monday of every month at the Kiwanis Club located at 2515 Valley Dr., Hermosa Beach, CA. For further information you may contact Karen Allen, "The Parrot Lady" ™ at Birds & More, or email her at, or click on the South Bay Bird Society logo above.

West Valley Bird ClubWest Valley Bird Society, a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, is committed to educating the public in the health, welfare, and betterment of all parrots and in supporting other organizations interested in conservation, research, education, and adoption. They meet the 3rd Friday of each month. For more information, visit their website at

Raleigh-Durham Caged Bird SocietyThe Raliegh-Durham Caged Bird Society has a membership of 100 families and individuals which includes pet bird owners, breeders, pet store owners, veterinarians and assistants, as well as students. The purpose of our club is to educate club and community members about the care and breeding of caged birds and larger aviculture concerns such as captive propagation of rare and endangered species and the conservation of avian species in their natural habitats.

New York Companion Bird Club of ManhattanJoin us and other bird lovers in New York and learn about your feathery companions! Our goal is to increase public awareness regarding the proper care of avian companions to ensure them an optimum quality of life, and to foster an interest and appreciation of birds. We wish to inform and influence people toward a more humane consideration of avians.

NYC is dedicated to encouraging the positive portrayal and treatment of wild species residing in the New York City metro area.

African Lovebird SocietyThe African Lovebird Society (ALBS) is an international organization dedicated to the keeping, breeding, and showing of lovebirds. The term "lovebird" refers to the nine species of small African parrots of the genus "Agapornis." We’re glad you’ve found us. Please take some time to browse around and enjoy yourself.

Budgerigar and Foreign Bird Society of CanadaBFBS is a Canadian bird club which was established in 1938. The Budgerigar and Foreign Bird Society is one of the oldest bird clubs in Canada and contains a great deal of information on the laws in Canada that pertain to owning species not endemic to the country, plus many wonderful recipes and other fun places to visit.

Flying BluebirdWest Los Angeles Bird Club

To join the West Los Angeles Bird Club and meet other bird owners in your area please visit our site.

Antelope Valley Caged Bird Society
Our meetings are the 2nd Friday of the month at 7:30 pm. Visit us on Facebook!





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