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Little Green ParrotGROOMING

Grooming Services for Your Pet Bird

Grooming is done on an appointment only basis. The beak and nails are rounded with an electric Dremmel tool. The beak tip is rounded and the lower mandible is shaped to fit properly. These procedures are done by Karen Allen who is an extremely experienced groomer. The flight feathers of the wings are clipped and rounded at the ends. The birds legs and feet are oiled to return them to their natural state. The beak is oiled for looks and then your little angel gets a Nutragena Spritzy Bath and is blown dry. This process takes approximately 15-20 minutes.

If you like, you may schedule a grooming appointment for your feathery kid while they are at day care with us and they'll be as handsome as ever when you pick them up.




Large Birds


Macaw, Moluccan Cockatoo, Toucans

Small & Medium Birds $40.00 Parakeet, Cockatiel, Lovebird, Parrotlett, Coure, Africab Grey, Amazon, Eclectus, Goffin Cockatoo, Bare Eyed Cockatoo, Dwarf Macaw


Blue Flying ParrotBIRDIE DAY CARE


Our Boarding RoomDay Care is done in a loving and very bird knowledgeable atmosphere. Our Day care room is spacious and well lit with natural light. You may bring your bird's favorite toys with you, or you can choose from a large selection of available toys for purchase to entertain your feathery child. At your request, we will engage your bird in playtime during the time spent with us! Feel confident that your little guy or gal is in good hands at al times.


Veggies and Treats DailyWe have a variety of cage sizes to fit every bird's need from large Macaws to petite finches. Our Day Care kids are fed the same mixture of fresh fruits and vegetables daily plus HiPro Mix. The HiPro Mix, which is made fresh weekly by us, contains 70 ingredients, but more importantly it doesn't contain SUNFLOWER seeds, so your birds will get a varied and healthy diet during Day Care with us!

If you are picking up or dropping off your child for Day Care,
please arrive at least one half hour before closing time.
Thank You!





Large Bird



Large Bird



Small Bird



Small Bird




Blue Flying ParakeetDNA SEXING

Zoogen BrochureZoogen is the safest, fastest and least intrusive way to have your bird sexed. These folks have been in business for over 15 years and are associated with the University of California at Davis, which is well renowned for their work with animals and animal husbandry.

One drop of blood is taken from the toenail of your bird and it is put into a test tube and sent off to the lab for analysis. In approximately a week, you will get a call from Birds & More with the results of your bird's sex, you will also get a lovely certificate from Zoogen that includes your bird's sex, the species, owner's name and the sample ID number listed for your records. The price for DNA sexing is $60.00.

Zoogen Certificate





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