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In Memorium

We have lost Alex, the most important parrot to have ever lived.

In Memorium: Alex The Famous African Gray

This beautiful picture was sent to me by Bonnie Jay, all of us at Birds & More will cherish this picture of both Irene and Alex, as I know those of you who knew them or knew about them will do as well.

Alex filled all the bird world with joy, and Irene made it happen. Alex was the proof we needed to show the world that birds are the most marvelous intelligent beings, full of love, devotion and smarter then a lot of people we know. My God how we will miss you Alex, however you will live on in our hearts and birdie stories forever.

Karen, the Parrot LadyTM

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Help Dr. Pepperberg and Alex's journey live on.
Visit The Alex Gift Shop and help continue Alex's contribution to the bird community with a gift for the bird lover in your life today!




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